What other had said about Tomas

What other have said about Tomas

“I worked with Tomas as interim CFO during his final year with Visionutveckling until the company was sold to Enghouse Interactive. 
Tomas is strong corporate builder with a keen ability to spot and drive for opportunities in building his business, looking beyond the initial challenges and hazards. He is at the same time not afraid to question and challenge his own knowledge and experience to further the development of the business, constantly looking for new and complementary skills in new co-workers and partners. 
Tomas is a passionate peoples person with good motivational skills and a genuine concern for his employees.” former CFO, Independent Financial Business Consultant

“Tomas is a fast thinking, energetic, positive, solution oriented person with great ideas! He always contributes positively to a discussion and opens up for new ways of thinking. He is very business oriented and always generates value for all involved parties like customers, users, colleagues, partners and suppliers. It’s a true pleasure to work with Tomas and I can recommend his work for all positions that requires skills and capabilities as mentioned above.” customer, Global Service Manager

“Tomas is a very driven person and like to develop people and organizations. He has a strong belief in a persons capability to achieve result and also has the capability to inspire people and organizations. He is also a good listener and find motivations in other peoples success. I had the great opportunity to work with Tomas over a 2 year period as an consultant within a succesful business development project. My best recommendations to him….” former sales manager